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Dream Hair Extension Technique

This technique is done by blending wefts of hair into your own hair without cornrowing. You can have highlights without coloring your own tresses, with length and fullness. This technique is great for spring , summer and fall as your own hair is integrated with the extensions. It can last up to 5 months with proper maintenance. This process takes about 3-8 hours to achieve the desired look depending on fullness or blending.

$800.00 - $1600.00 includes premium hair
$650.00 without hair included


Molecular Extensions

This technique is perfect for celebs, elites, socialites, and busy women who are photographed regularly, with little time for styling. The Molecular Extensions Technique is Ashante's Elite Service, and gives you a fabulous new mane that is undetectable and superior to any lace wig or extension technique. We provide a full consultation to match you with the perfect color and texture of human hair.

You can have length, fullness, and even highlights added for a more sexier starlett look. You can wear the extensions for up to a year, with maintainence visits every 2 months in between. This technique is done in about 16 to 48 hours. You can swim, exercise, and shampoo/style your hair at home also. A non disclosure agreement must be signed before this unique technique is performed to keep its secrecy as this advance technique is not to be disclosed until 2015.

PRICE: $7,500 up depending on fullness (hair included)

Industry Hair Styling/ Consulting/
Artistic Direction Services

HTG provides hairstyling services for red carpet events, movies, television, print ads, music videos, editorial shoots, seminars, tours, and stage shows. We're also available for national travel. Hair-pro Ashante' can be contacted for expert advice and art direction.

Price: $3500.00 (in state) per day plus travel expenses and first class air and hotel accomodations

$10,000 per day (international travel) plus travel expenses and first class air and hotel accomodations