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Sexy Hair Extension Special
Get a full head of extensions done by Ashante' at the Abode Salon.
Your extensions will be sewn in using wefts of hair.
None of your hair is left out in between the extensions and your own hair is invert braided flat so there is no bulk for a natural look and feel. This technique can last up to 6 months with proper maintenance.

Custom blended and highlighted extension hair can be provided, or if you choose to use hair of your selection you may provide it and we can apply it for you. Appointments for this servive are private and the service take anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete depending on the desired style. Call us to set up your consultation with Ashante'.

Price: $650.00 with hair included (up to 16")
             $500.00 without hair included

Perfect Hair Extension Technique
One of our most requested techniques is The Perfect Hair Extensions. This technique allows you to wear different textures,lengths and shades of hair, without having to alter your own hair! Even if your own hair is in its natural state, you can wear it straight or curly without chemical processing.

Your own tresses are allowed to grow and rest while beautiful extensions are added, creating the illusion of a marvelous mane. It's mostly worn by celebs and entertainers who are on the go that want versatility,and styling ease. You can even go swimming! You will definitely see why Celebrity Stylist Ashante' is known globally as being the top hair extension Expert in New York City! No one will ever know your secret.

PRICE: $1,250.00 - $4,000.00 (depending on length) with hair included
$850.00 without hair included

Extension Technique

The Intra-Blend Technique has been featured in magazines such as Salon Sense, Sophisticates Black Hair, Hype Hair, and Upscale, Ultimate Weaves. This is an exclusive hair extension technique, in which luxurious human hair is looped in with your own hair using wefts.

This is great for entertainers and women who want length and fullness without the feeling of bulk. Your own hair is integrated in with the extension hair, while you are looking naturally fabulous wearing Intra-Blend. No one will know your secret! This can last about 3 to 5 months with proper care. You can swim and exercise with it also. See music star Olivia in the Feb. issue of Sophisticates Black Hair magazine!

PRICE: $700.00 -$1,250.00 with premium hair included
$550.00 without hair included

Custom Fusion Extension Technique

Fusion is one of the most natural feeling forms of hair enhancing. Fusion is done by blending micro sections or your hair with strands of quality extensions. Sections are done in 10 to 30 strands at a time. The process can be completed in 2 hours, or can take up to 72 hours to complete. It all depends on the fullness that is desired, but the results are amazing! Hair can be styled as you please; toss it up, let it flow free, pin it into elegant chignons, etc. Fusion is the most requested by entertainers in the industry.

PRICE: $1500.00 - $4,500.00 with hair included

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