Pro 7 DVD Hair Extension & Weaving Set
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  The Perfect Hair Extension TechniqueThe Micro-Lace Extension Technique
Perfect Style

The Micro-Lace Extension Technique
7 DVD Pro Extension Weaving Set
Hair Secrets By Star Hair Stylist Ashante'

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Our Biggest deal ever! This DVD Set shows you how to earn thousands of dollars and create a full head of natural looking hair extensions and weaves without leaving your own hair exposed in between the wefts.

Create many different looks and do flawless cuts and styles!
You really earn and save $$ buying this set and will look fabulous, while making a ton of money in return doing these methods. This sale is for a limited time only!

You get the Sexy Hair Extensions DVD ($79.99), Perfect Hair Extension DVD, Perfect Style DVD, Celebrity Cut DVD, Sexy Short Weaves/wigs DVD ($59.99), Supermodel Extensions ($59.99), and the Micro-Lace Extensions DVD ($29.99) which shows you how to do natural looking closings at the top of your weaves!! A $229 valued set for only $79.99! These extension techniques will make your hair grow long and full very quickly and very healthy!

reg. $229.99
Sale! $89.99

Pro 7 DVD Set

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