Getting fabulous with: Olivia!

Color Crave: Highlights and shades of platinum blonde, golden blonde and medium blonde accentuate Olivia's signature mane. Color enhances the layers in her hair while giving her the "glow".

All it takes is one listen to Olivia's voice , and you will know why she's a star. It's O so lovely and the girl can sing! Not only is she full of vocal talent, Olivia is multi-talented with her hands in business, film, and fashion design.

This diva posseses the rare necessities, a great spirit along with confidence and beauty; which has helped to push her to stardom. We loved her song "bizounce", and we loved the hit "candy shop" song with rapper 50 cent which topped at #1 on the billboard charts for 8 weeks straight.

Loving Olivia's sexy wind blown tresses? She's working her look with luscious layered length, hot color, and full on fab body! Never the one to fade in the crowd, Olivia's look is bold and seductive. Whether she's on the red carpet, gracing magazine covers, hosting for MTV, BET, or touring the world, she's sure to give you plenty of style inspiration.

Ashante' and Olivia in Sophisticates Hair Magazine!

Behind The Scenes with Ashante' and Olivia!!

1. Ashante' gives Olivia a special scalp stimulation and herbal massage with his secret concoction. The process begins by adding in human hair pieces imported from Brazil, which has a luxurious feel and a slightly wavy texture to it.

Via The Intra-Blend technique, Ashante' added honey blonde highlights to Olivia's own beautiful mane. Afterwards, more highlights are added in with blonde tinted pieces.

2. Sections are raised to an angle and the hair is layered with cutting shears.

3. The bangs are swept to the side and the hair is set on large rollers. Afterwards the hair is brushed out and tousled with fingers .

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