Magical Makeovers!!

Before: She wanted a change from her innocent, girly look. Her request was for a look that was sexy, sultry and glamorous!

After: Presto!! This new look is all about volume! A Custom Infusion hair enhancement, and a multi- layered cut is the secret to this lush look. Strands of human extension are added to her hair for fullness and length. The added length and endless layers frame her face, while the color gives her a sensuous glow. "I love it!" she says.

"I'm bored with wearing my hair in a ponytail every day," she says." I want a look that makes me feel sexy, alive and vibrant."

After: Bold and beautiful! This lush voluminous mane of medium brown and honey golden highlights brightens and sets off her skin tones. Her hair is extended to mid-back length with Intra-blend hair Extensions.. "The body and the length it gives my hair is incredible! It's perfect for me. I didn't want anything that looks or feels like a wig. I feel fabulous!" she says.


Before: Michelle is an actress searching for a hot new look. She decided to fly in to New York and visit The Abode Salon for the ultimate make over! To match the perfect hair with her personality and lifestyle, she was given a thorough consultation.

Michelle looks marvelous with a new length, color and texture! She is full of smiles and joy with her new look. "I love this hairstyle because it is easy to maintain and it looks so natural. This is ultimate satisfaction!" she says.

GET THE LOOK!: Ashante' selected premium textured strands of human hair to blend with Michelle's natural hair.

1. Using the Intra-Blend technique, strands of imported Brazilian and Egyptian hair are looped in with her own hair; from nape to the front hairline area. Shades of light and dark brown hair are interwoven throughout the back sections, and a delicious golden honey tone is used to frame her face.

2. After the Intra-Blend is completed, her new mane is slightly layered around her face and the ends of the hair. This helps to give it shape and to complement her features.

3. The hair is misted with a moisturizing spritzer to enhance the wave patterns in the hair.

Debbie flew in to The Abode Salon in NYC from Pittsburgh, PA to get a new look. She wanted a fresh new look and was open to a dramatic change. Hairstylist Ashante' suggested that she try a new length with hair extensions. Debbie was excited about the new image transformation!

After: Debbie looks stunning in this flowing style with long soft layers and side wept bangs! The length of the hair elongates her facial features while defining her neckline, jawline, cheekbones, and eyes.


Ashante' lengthened Debbie's hair with the Perfect hair extension technique. Debbies hair was plaited to lay flat vertically, and wefted human hair in dark, medium and golden brown was attached to the plaits. Debbies own hair is not out and is allowed to rest.

Debbies hair is cut in layers using a slide cutting technique with scissors. A large curling iron is used to finish othe style, by curling in big sections and then finger styling

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