Kendra's Sexy Mane Moves!!



To prepare Kendra for her debut on the music scene, Mystique Entertainment called on The Abode Salon. Kendra was flown to New York to meet with hair specialist Ashante', and photographer Africa. With just a quick glance, they created a theme that brought out Kendra's enchanting persona. "I am going to give you gorgeous hair extensions which will express seduction and charm," stated Ashante'.

He focused on her strongest features and created a look for her that conveyed sophistication and style. Using the Dream Hair Technique, Ashante added in lush length and volume with glimpses of honey kissed highlights. He cut her hair into long swingy and chunky layers to frame her face along her cheekbones. "I love this!" Kendra exclaims. "It looks just like my hair!" 

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