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Did you know that hair sheds more in the winter than any other season?

Cold air can make hair dry and brittle. Moisturize your hair often and line all of your hats with satin or silk to prevent breakage. Also be careful about your hair rubbing against your coat collar. This is a leading cause of breakage and dryness around the neckline areas. If you wear hair extensions, make sure you moisturize and brush the neckline areas often. The same applies even if you do not wear extensions. Wool and rough fibers can tangle and damage your hair.

Did you know you can give your straight hair another look?

After conditioning, brush the top of your hair smooth and braid damp hair into eight to ten big braids. Allow your hair to dry completely and then let the braids out and separate with your fingers. Voila! You will now have big gorgeous sexy waves. For spirals, two strand twist ten big sections of damp hair around each other instead of braiding. Unloose when fully dry. Rebraid or retwist when sleeping. A light mousse or setting lotion even gives a better effect.

Did You know that almost all Hollywood entertainers wear hair extensions?

If you did not, well now you know! Quit having a hair complex when reading those magazines. Most entertainers wear extensions because it gives them their star appeal. It enhances their image and their sex appeal. Models, actresses, singers and socialites know the secret. It's all in having an image that is larger than life. Want it ? Buy it. Just avoid bad hairstylists, home horrors and cheap telltale hair.

Hair extensions and additions require proper care and maintenance after they are applied. Here are a few suggestions to keep your new hair looking great!

1. If you plan to shampoo at home, do it in the shower and keep the hair in a straight position. Never ever scrub your hair because this can cause tangling.

2.Use a vent or paddle wig brush instead of combs on your extensions.

3. Mix conditioner into your shampoo to keep the hair soft. Shampoos usually contain detergents which strip all of the moisture out of your hair. The conditoner added in will help prevent this. Rinse and follow up with a creamy moisturizing conditioner.

4. Always brush your hair from the ends up to the root. I will say it again. From the ends up to the root.....very gently. Most girls do not understand the amount of strength they use on their own hair. Remember, hair is your friend! Hair extensions do not make your hair indestructable, even if it is a full head. Brush with love!

5. Never sleep on wet hair. This may cause it to mat and tangle. Dry it before going to sleep.

6. Do not put a lot of products in the hair when styling. This can give the hair a stringy greasy look. Rinse the hair at lease once per week to remove product build up.

7.Sleep with a satiny or silky hair bonnet.

Here are a few hair facts................

The number of strands of hair on a human head varies with color:

    BLONDE - 140,000 strands
    - 110,000 strands
    BLACK - 108,000 strands
    - 90,000 strands

Hair must be cleansed regularly to avoid breakage and damage the hair and scalp.

When it is not cleansed regularly, dead cells build up and form dandruff, which can also lead to baldness. There are two types of dandruff:
    The flaky type (Capitis Simplex)
    The greasy type (Steatoides)

To simplify, we'll call them flakes and wax. Both can be caused by poor circulation, uncleanliness, lack of nerve stimulation, or improper diets. Also if you use a relaxer that is too strong it can absorb the natural oils and moisture from your scalp, leading to dryness and flakes. Be very careful with having your hair relaxed. The chemical should not touch your scalp. It can destroy the follicles, leading to permanent balding and thinning of your hair. Relaxing should only be done by a knowlegeable professional. However, if you relax at home, base your entire scalp for protection and opt for gentler kids relaxers (even on adults).

For the flaky type of dandruff:

The best advisable treatment is a regular scalp massage. Use mild shampoos and daily use of antiseptic scalp lotions from your pharmacy.

For the waxy type of dandruff

Be very cautious. Itching or scratching the scalp may cause bleeding or oozing of Sebum (natural scalp oil). Constantly scratching the scalp with your fingernails can cause permanent bald spots. For itch relief, wipe the area with a cottonball dipped in antiseptic. It is advisable to consult with your doctor and ask for a prescription for antiseptic shampoos and scalp ointments from your pharmacy. Some good over the counter shampoos to use are Sulphur 8, and also Neutrogena T-gel shampoo. Always apply a separate conditioner after shampooing your hair.

Hair goes through three stages of growth, fall, and replacement.

    The average growth of a healthy head of hair is about half an inch per month and can vary according to the individual. The growth occurs rapidly between the ages of 15 to 30, and declines between 40 to 60. During certain periods, the hair sheds naturally to make room for new strands of hair to grow. So if you hair is fuller at times, and then you find it's thinner, don't freak out! Its a natural process of growth, fall and replacement.

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