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Debbie (Pittsburgh, PA)
She's a world traveler with experience in the entrepreneurship and corporate realms of business. Her favorite quote is “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” She’s travelled to Dubai, UAE; New Delhi, India; Harare, Zimbabwe, Paris, and London, GB to name a few. As an entrepreneur, she spearheaded the startup of Q-Ville Inc., a privately held transportation company; and CSC LLC, a real estate asset management company.

In addition, she partnered to acquire an enormous sports club and spa business inclusive of 168,000 sq. ft. of commercial property. Her corporate experience has been in the area of financial planning and analysis as well as financial system implementations serving in a senior management capacity at Pepsi Bottling Group and HydroGen LLC, a publically traded start-up energy development company. As a businesswoman, she is engaged in many endeavors but as a mother of three she's even busier!

To get this business mom into diva mode for her magazine, TV interviews, and print shoots, Ashante' gets Debbie glam with his Perfect Hair Extension Technique. "Debbie can rock a hairstyle like this in a suit, and transform the look later with an evening dress and look stunning" says Ashante'. If she's really pressed for time she can just pull it back in a ponytail and go. We went to Paris, France and Debbie was a Diva with semi-bangs, layered length, and big loose curls. Everyone was staring at her in Paris like Wow, I want her hair!" says the stylist." I also styled Debbie up for a live broadcast in PA, and the male TV show host could not stop complimenting Debbies look! Debbie had to politely chime in that she was married to keep him focused on actually interviewing her about the topic she was there for!"

Love the DebbieGlam look? Her style featured here is a signature long layered cut with swept bangs, styled in big loose curls with a curling iron. A blend of straight and soft wave texture adds body. Check out Debbie in SBH Magazine's "Mothers Day Magic "article with Ashante'!

Debbie’s Devotion:
Her current projects include the beautiful Charmaine Chapman Manor Apartment Complex in Pittsburgh, PA, which features affordable apartments for working people. Each apartment has its own garden entrance! Seeking a beautiful place to live in Pittsburgh, PA? Check out Charmaine Chapman Manor's website at or call (412) 352-5236. Debbie is also avidly dedicated to helping businesses create a sustainable competitive advantage as Principle of DSCE Management Consulting located in Monroeville, PA. Interested in maximizing the profitability of your company? Let Debbie show you how!
Visit or call (412) 612.3027


(New York City)
She's a well paid socialite, model, a fashionista and she's got the gossip on just about everyone in entertainment! You've seen her (or her infamous figure!) in major perfume ad campaigns, on the catwalks for elite designers, and magazines,

Here she reveals her mane secret: "My profession is all about image. I have to be presentable at all times. Even when I'm not wearing make-up, the hair additions keep me looking fabulous! I was delighted with the idea of being a Hair to Go cover girl. My hair for the photo session was amazing! I wore a platinum choker, a long sheer $500,000 chanteuse gown, and I was surrounded by a professional staff of sexy straight men. What more could a girl possibly want? I love length and hair that grazes my tailbone. The reactions I get from admirers are incredible. It's like they get caught in a trance when I look at them. If they only knew!! Corporations contract me to be a reflection of them. I spare no expense when it comes to getting the look I want. The most remarkable part of wearing hair additions is the impact it has on my complete image." Style Selection: Golden highlights, brow kissing bangs and 20" of straight flowing lengths makes this look a knockout!

(New York City)
She's the B in business. She looks for beginner or competitive companies and swallows them up within her own corporation. She also acts as a mediator between company merges. Listen in on her tress secrets:

"Time is a precious factor for me. Every second counts. Hair additions are of great benefit to me. When I have an early morning meeting or a flight to catch, I do not need to worry about my hair. I am very precise when it comes to style and I currently wear a cheek length bob. It's a sharp look that defines my personality; intellectual, seductive, feminine, and assertive. I choose to have only the best and nothing less, which is why I fly in to New York for Ashante' to style my hair every month for special agendas . I would have him with me every day if I could! I tried to contract him as my personal hairstylist for two years, but he declined. I think I will just have him cloned in the future. I am very pleased because my look is easy to maintain with little effort. I tell no one my secret and I accept all compliments about my hair with a smile."
Notorious Style: Natali sports the classic Bob with lots of layering, but the perimiter is blunt for a no nonsensense business look. A side part keeps it fresh and sexy!


Michele (New York City)
She's a non-conformist. Dare not tell her to tone down her look. She knows what she wants and goes for it. You've seen her on television, read about her in magazines and must have glanced her as a Clairol girl. Now she's head of an exclusive, private label clothing company in New York: 3 Busy Sisters.

This green eyed beauty is spicing up the business world with her sizzling mane. "I strategize reaching big goals for my company. I have big expectations and I love big hair!!" she says. "Hair additions give my hair volume and flair. It truely helps to bring out the ultimate me! I am really excited with the looks Ashante' created for me in this photo session. He understands me, and my sense of style. Why bother being bland when I can unleash my sultry side?"
Blonde Bombshell: A wet set on rods gives her voluminous curls, accentuating michelles golden blonde and platinum mane. Fluffing and styling with fingers makes it Divalicious!

Myra (Las Vegas)

She's an internet mogul with a unique sense of style. This power queen sets the rules with an impressive sense of determination and confidence, of which she attributes to prayer. A native californian, she's constantly backed by a hollywood entourage and regularly does lunch with celebs like Vanessa Williams. She has the beauty to be in the fore front, but choses to call the shots from behind the scenes.

When we asked her to reveal why she wears customized hair additions, she replies:"It's sooo me! I love the idea that I can be versatile. You just feel larger than life when you're wearing them. It makes my presence stronger and my hair fuller. The best part is that no one can ever tell I have additions in. I get full attention when making important presentations like never before, and compliments after. I visit The Abode Salon in N.Y. bi-monthly to get a totally new look. My sense of style is free and eclectic. The hair additions allow me to easily express that aspect of me." Soo natural: Bohemian textured extensions gave Myra this confident, naturally curly look. The volume and texture give head turning appeal!

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