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Corporate Executives

She's the B in business and the s in shark(corporate shark that is!). She looks for beginner or competitive companies and swallows them up within her own corporation. She also acts as a mediator between company merges.

Listen in on her tress secrets:

"Time is a precious factor for me. Every second counts. Hair additions are of great benefit to me. When I have an early morning meeting or a flight to catch, I do not need to worry about my hair. I am very precise when it comes to style and I currently wear a cheek length bob. It's a sharp look that defines my personality; intellectual, seductive, feminine, and assertive. I choose to have only the best and nothing less, which is why I fly in to New York for Ashante' to style my hair every month for special agendas . I would have him with me every day if I could! I tried to contract him as my personal hairstylist for two years, but he declined. I think I will just have him cloned in the future. I am very pleased because my look is easy to maintain with little effort. I tell no one my secret and I accept all compliments about my hair with a smile."

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