Ashante's Complete Collection
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You Get all of the following DVDs:

1. Choose any DVD from the menu
2. Perfect Hair Extensions
3. Dream Hair Extensions
4. Intra-Blend Extensions
5. Intertwist Extensions
6. Fusion Extensions
7. Remove it!!
8. Cut &Style DVD (midlength layer cutting)
9. Cut & Style 2 DVD
10. Cut & Style 3 DVD (Razor Cutting)
11. Cut & Style 4 DVD (sexy short cuts)
12. Long Hair Cuts DVD ( How to layer cut weaves and extensions)
13. Long Hair Cuts 2 DVD ( slide cutting and fringe cuts)
14. Gorgeous Hair Extensions
15. Fabulous Hair Illusions
16. Perfect Style DVD (how to style weaves and extensions)
17. Perfect Style 2 (styling short and midlength hair)
18. Girl Curls ( long hair and weave styling DVD)
19. Glamour Hair Extension
20. Micro- Lace Extentions
21. Celebrity Cut DVD


Now only $399.99
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DESCRIPTION:.complete 21 DVD Set


Get the complete collection of 21 weaving, cutting, and styling DVD's!!


It's 21 hours of everything you need to be an expert! Learn everything you need to become a successful star stylist with this hot collection of 21 Hair Extension, Weaving, Cutting and Styling DVD's!


Distinguish yourself from being an ordinary hairdresser and increase your skills with Ashante's Masters Collection to reach your maximum potential and income earnings.

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