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What Prince was to music, what Picasso and Leonardo was to art, Ashante' is to the world of hair. This sought after hair Icon is spreading his signature of cutting edge coifs across the globe. He's the mastermind behind all of the looks featured on the Hair To Go Website, and much of what you see in the media. He has his clients looking and feeling spectacular from head to soul. With his roots beginning from fashion at an early age, it laid the foundation for him to later become a world reknowned hair artist. "I dream in design!" he says. Conjuring up sexy, irresistible, goddess hair is his specialty. "It's all about having the glow, being absolutely fabulous. Forget about being a fashion clone, BE A VIVA DIVA!!" he says. "The greatest aspect of life is living it and loving it!"

Whether he's working with celeb clients at his salon, or creating the new looks for print spreads and ad campaigns, he's a perfectionist. He has a vision for creating solid style, and has been featured in numerous magazines and television, for being an innovator who's ahead of the times. Ashante is constantly sporting the hottest and trend setting looks on himself!

The Revlon corporation presented him with the Excellence Award, for his contributions to the industry. While being mentored by the Italian genius Ralph Antonelli, Revlon immediately signed a contract with him to head it's International Team. He's been flown across the country and abroad to share his visions.

Glamorizing super models for print spreads led to his work being featured on Channel 9 News, N.Y.1 News, Barbara Walters: The View, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. In 1999, The Abode was unveiled: his private salon in New York City. Executives and entertainers visit him there while they are in town, to get signature looks. To what extent would you go for one of his signature sessions? His clients book appointments up to 2 years in advance and fly in from Europe, Russia, and Japan. Devoted aristocrats in London have him flown in regularly for their hair extensions.

Teaming up with Hair To Go, Ashante' has just released a new line of Instructional DVD's and videos to share his mastery of hair extensions, weaving, cutting and styling. This new line of instructional hair videos is taking the industry by storm as stylists are enthusiastic about increasing their skills in the very competitive hair business. You can now learn the special techniques Ashante' uses on the stars!!! (see HTG Store).

This new line of instructional DVD's and videos has been a major success in helping stylists and people who do their own hair distinguish themselves from the competition. "We love our customers, it is an honor to be able to share our secrets of beauty and success with them!." says Ashante. With so many scammers and con artists out there, we thank God when a customer decides to put their trust in us. I talk with my customers every day and i must truly say it is a blessing i appreciate. We say a special good luck prayer and bless each package every time a customer chooses to order from our site. I am so thankful to be able to make a positive contribution that makes people happy!" Every day floods of emails come in with success stories, good news and fabulous makeovers from happy customers who have purchased the Hair To Go instructional DVD's. Feedback from Ashante's customers has been so great , he's launching a third line due out soon!.

Ashante' credits all of his inspiration to the Most High God, and much of it to inspiring people who have paved the way before him such as Madame C.J. Walker, Vidal Sassoon, Barry Fletcher, Gerard Dure', Ralph Antonelli, his mentor V.Essia Barnett of S.P.E.C and Revlon, the lovely Jocelyn Amador, Adrienne Moore.

Look for his signature work in top magazines, commercials, movies, and television shows around the world!

                                                   Ashante' styling Music Star Olivia      Ashante' and sexy Tboz of TLC        Styling Nicole Fiscella of "Gossip Girl"

   Ashante's unique style and fashion forward visions led him to become a favorite of beauty magazines internationally!

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