Hot Gossip: The CW Network's Gossip Girls' Nicole Fiscella!!

Nicole Fiscella is one of the hottest rising celebrities on the acting and modeling scene.

Get ready to see her everywhere, because this beauty has got the look, and she's flaunting it with style!! Nicole is an actress and model on the hit CW Networks' TV Show Gossip Girl.

She plays the character Isabel Coates. Nicole has also posed as a model in top fashion magazines as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl, Lucky, and Self and she also has been spotted in commercials for Gap Body and Pantene. Flip to MTV or Youtube and you'll see Nicole as the lead girl in LL cool J's "Baby" video.

"Nicole has a fresh new look and she's so cool, I instantly fell in love with her!" says Ashante'.
"She's humble, smart, gorgeous, patient, and she can totally work the camera!"

Nicole posed for Ashante's camera on a Hair To Go photoshoot and she lit up the room with her glow. Ashante' styled Nicoles hair and gave her natural, minimal makeup for the shoot, as she can go bare faced and still work the camera with her beauty.


Working the hair: For Nicoles hair which is natural, long full, and curly, Ashanta applied a leave in conditioner, and diffused Nicoles hair with her head upside down with a blow dryer to bring out the curls and texture.

Ashanta then added in tiny golden highlights using his Invisible Hair Extension Technique, so Nicole would not have to color her hair on the shoot. Nicoles look was on fire as she wore her own blue top for the shoot.

Nicole can rock straight looks by flat ironing her hair as well.


"The key to keeping hair healthy like Nicole's is to avoid too much heat" says Ashante'.

A good conditioning treatment at least once a week will help to keep your hair strong, with smoother cuticles so your curls will look picture perfect!


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